Contoh Soal UKG Bahasa Inggris SMP 2012


1. With new technology, cameras can take pictures of underwater valleys …… color.

  • a. within
  • B. for
  • C. in
  • D. by

2. Physical fitness exercises can cause injuries …… the participants are not careful.

  • a. that
  • B. and
  • C. for
  • D. if

3. Black, red, and even bright pink diamonds ……

  • a. occasionally to find
  • B. occasionally found
  • c. have occasionally been found
  • D. have occasionally found

4. He is very proficient …… English, but very deficient …… mathematics.

  • a. in – in
  • B. in – with
  • C. with – in
  • D. at – for

5. An actress’s life is in many ways …… other women.

  • a. alike that of
  • B. like that of
  • C. like of that
  • D. alike of that

6. In order for people to work together effectively, they need …… each other’s needs.

  • a. to be sensitive to
  • B. is sensitive for
  •  C. sensitivity
  • D. sensitive

7. …… great was the distruction that the South took decades to recover.

  • a. Very
  • B. Too
  • C. Such
  • D. So

8. I think my answer on the exam ….

  • a. the possible best choice
  • B. the best possible choice
  • b. the better of all choices
  • D. best beyond all choices

9. I will talk to the children ….

  • a. one and then the other
  • B. in singles
  • b. first one then the next
  • D. one by one

10. Despite of his broken leg, Allen can walk …. get around.

  • a. good enough to
  • B. well enough to
  • C. good to
  • D. fine enough to

11.  …… a person wears eyeglasses, the more dependent on them he or she tends to become.

  • a.When
  • B. The longest
  • C. The longer
  • D. If

12.  This milk is ….

  • a. not enough cool to drink
  • B. not cool enough to drink
  • c.  not enough cool for drinking
  • D. not to drink enough cool

13. In the West, the birth of a girl is welcomed with an enthusiasm …… to that of a boy.

  • a.  equally
  • B. they are equal
  •  C. equal
  • D. and equal

14.  …… united effort is needed if the problem of the ‘underground economy’ is to be resolved.

  • a. It is a
  • B. A
  • C. There is a
  • D. An

15. The teacher spoke …. I couldn’t understand him.

  • a. rapidly so that
  • B. that so rapidly
  • C. so rapidly that
  • D. rapidly that so

16. We will not leave …. she arrives.

  • a. until
  • B. for
  • C. since
  • D. during

17.  He is …. thoroughly selfish man; he wouldn’t lift …. finger to help anyone.

  • a. the – a
  • B. a – the
  • C. the – the
  • D. a – a

18.  In recent times, the invention which has most changed the face of the world, most influenced the industrial development of the world, and …… is the automobile.

  • a. most affected its culture
  • B. most affecting its culture
  • c. with most effect o its culture
  • D. most to affect its culture

19.  He is so honorable that I believe he is …. telling a lie.

  • a.uncapable of
  • B. incapable of
  • C. incapable to
  • D. impossible of

20.  His grandfather owns a large …. in the country.

  • a. vegetable’s farm
  • B. vegetable farm’s
  • c. farm’s vegetable
  • D. vegetable farm

21.  …… problems in sailing in tropical seas is the coral reefs.

  • a.    The biggest one B. Of the biggest one
  • b.    One of the biggest D. There are the biggest

22.  Generic medications are just as …… and much less expensive.

  • a.    effectively brand-name products B. brand-name products effective
  • b.    brand-name products as effective D. effective as brand-name products

23.  He was laughing so hard that we thought that he was …… hysterical.

  • a.    real B. really C. that like real

24.  The professor sometimes makes remarks that are not …… the topic.

  • a.    relevant with B. relevant to C. relating to D. relevant for

25.  I have paid for so many traffic violations that I …… a regular customer.

  • a.    have almost become B. almost have become
  • b.    almost became D. have almost to become

26.  Frank was very lucky to have escaped with his life; he almost did not get …… in time.

  • a.    out from the room B. from the room out
  • b.    out to the room D. out of the room

27.  Her husband has a habit of speaking ……

  • a.    mostly bluntly B. most blunt C. very bluntly D. very blunt-like

28.  It is difficult to understand many British actors, but some of them ……

  • a.    speak more clear than others B. speak more clearly than others
  • b.    speak clearer from others D. speak clearer than others

29.  Why do you feel you effended your our hostess last night? I …… anything wrong.

  • a.    wasn’t not aware of B. wasn’t aware from
  • b.    wasn’t aware of D. wasn’t aware to

30.  People in other lands laugh at our fashions because they probably cannot …. the styles

  • a.    adjust with B. be adjusted C. adjusting to D. adjust to


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